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Moya Little
Suite 105, 214 - 11th Ave. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 0X8
(O) 403-543-4080
(C) 403-519-8351

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Alberta’s Duvernay Shale


Alberta’s Duvernay Shale
The following map shows the extent of the Duvernay shale in Central and Western Alberta.

Duvernay Shale Map
Petrex and partners have drilled a well located at 07-14-048-21W4 to evaluate the Duvernay shale formation on 2240 acres of mineral rights acquired in 2010. There are additional mineral rights in the immediate vicinity, including beneath the Joarcam Viking Oil Units. The Duvernay was previously viewed as a source rock however because it has a rich organic content it has itself become an exploration objective. The size of the prize in the giant Duvernay Shale is BIG—Canadian brokerage firm CIBC Wood Gundy said in a June 14 report the Oilpatch could recover 2-5 billion barrels of liquids and 150 TRILLION cubic feet of gas.